Gilberto Wood Fired ovens

How do we compare to others?


There are ovens much cheaper and ovens much more expensive, we are somewhat in the middle, however, we have no middlemen, we make the ovens and sell direct to the end user, a family company that's committed to offering the best value for money and using the best materials available. Our steel tends to be thicker, our insulation thicker and denser and all ovens have an insulated floor and ours in most cases look and the smartest whilst also out performing the others on a like for like basis. 



Currently the options are :

Stainless or Black Fronts. 

Stainless, Anthracite or Copper top covers.

Black or anthracite tables.

each oven comes as standard with Digi Infrared temp gauge, Pizza Paddle, Kindling pack, log pack and of course a wood fired cookbook. Obviously the door and Flue etc.... come as standard as well. 

For Commercial use?


The Gilberto 50 and 65 event are used successfully by a number of  street vendors and is a reliable and cost efficient way of either starting or expanding a streetfood business......See also our range of Pizza Trailers and Catering horsebox trailers.

Gilberto 50 ,65 or events oven ?


The 50 boasts a larger than average 70cm x 70cm floor area and  will happily cook a pizza in 90 secs when up to temperature plenty for any household , Garden party or Catering trailer. The 65 or Events oven is largely the same oven with the 65 suited and fitted with 50mm high feet to use with or without a stand and is designed for the  larger family get togethers or larger events and heavy usage. The cooking floor is a generous 90 x 80 cm . All have the same quality feel and finest materials. 

Gilberto - All British design and manufacture


We are a small group of Engineers and craftsman , experienced of making wood fired oven components for some well known and prestigious brands , we took ideas from various designs from around he world, and improved them .Always insisting on locally sourced and high quality materials in the testing and eventual prototype builds that the production batches of today benefit from. We trialled the ovens in the coldest days of 2017 where it was minus 9 in our factory and still we managed to light the ovens and get the temperature up to over 600 degrees celsius in testing, heavy ceramic fibre insulation 38mm food safe bricks and grade 316 stainless steel used extensively in the build.

'Not just Pizza' ovens......


Lamb chops, Steaks, roasted vegetables,

Skewered meats and peppers,Breads, fish... the list goes on,  even a complete sunday roast is possible!!!


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