What is the 'Minibox'

The 'minibox' is born from two other successful Skillcraft Products, The 'Gilberto 50' wood fired oven and the 'Heritage -Horsebox Catering trailers' . We have fitted the oven into numerous catering vans and trailers including our own Horsebox Trailer, however, after quite a few requests we have incorporated the Oven into a unique and cost effective solution, which is a scaled down variant of the horsebox. Whilst in development  we experimented with a vast array of features and came away with this version, a go anywhere. log fired oven with thermal handwash and solar powered lighting.....


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Wood fired oven

Of course, the most common use for these types of ovens are Pizza,  the oven will plod along happily at 400 -500 degrees making 2 or 3 pizzas at a time in around 90 secs. The included door will assist should you wish to bake breads such as sourdoughs and other Artisan baked items....we have enjoyed many succulent Lamb chops, steaks, beef joints , kebabs and other meat based items as well as stuffed peppers etc......

Trailer capacity

The trailer has a maximum towing weight of 650kg ,  ideal for newer drivers who have 750kg limits imposed and also can be towed by most small cars . There is approx 300 kg of storage space available to ensure a supply of dry wood, pizza boxes .condiments etc......


A welcome addition  to this trailer is a thermal handwash. Simply top it up with hot water and the water will stay at a suitable handwashing temperature for up to 6 hours, with the addition that the oven will also assist in sustaining the temperature as the heater sits directly behind the oven. 

There is a sink included which just simply drains to a waste receptacle which can be emptied when required. The unit also comes with soap dispenser and paper towel holder. 


Designed and built in the west midlands by a predominately expert Sheet metal parent company with more more than £1m Investment in CNC machinery and design software. The unit is built on a Type Approved chassis and is plated and certified for UK road use. Only brand new and branded components are used with spares easily available. The body is manufactured from both Galvanised then powder coated steel and Tata branded PVC coated zinc steel with a corrosion guarantee of 25 years. The oven sits on a fabricated steel double skin insulated panel supported by a sturdy reinforcement steel frame. Trailers are available in Burgundy/Grey,Black/grey and  Blue /Grey , a demount able flue is included. 

Other snippets and goodies....

 The unit comes with 5 size 1/4 gastronorm units for transport, ideal to store your toppings in!, these are removable for use outside the minibox with the stand provided, a stainless steel cover then sits over the front of the unit to act as workspace.   There are also two solar powered lights positioned on the inside at both ends , powered by two small solar panels , we have also included a fire extinguisher safely fitted to the inside of the rear door.  The hinges are polymide all weather and the lock is a stainless steel squire security keyed hasp and staple.   

The price.......................

We have costed this unit based on using the finest materials and expertise, you should have many years enjoyment from it and should prove to be a good investment with a relatively high resale value.  We have concluded that our selling price is extremely competitive, compared to others on a like for like basis, as there are no middle men and we make most of the main items ourselves. We are also a family business that prides itself on doing our best to ensure your purchase is a happy and rewarding experience, when your trailer is ordered, we order in turn a gold printed name plate, with the name of your choice to personalise your trailer., everyone is built by hand. 

£3950.00 plus VAT. Terms 25% plus vat. 

lead time approx 3-4 weeks from deposit. 

Balance prior to /on collection..... 

Delivery available at cost.  

Finance also available through our broker.  Oxford funding.