After several years experience in making bespoke catering equipment we diversified into manufacturing Vintage style Horsebox Trailers, and during 2017-2018 we handmade for a variety of uses from outdoor Gin/Prosecco bars ,  Pizzerias ,Churros, Sandwich bars, Coffee bars and even a nail bar and barbershop!!!! Every trailer was unique and bespoke and subsequently different in height, width weight etc..... making the lead times long and the commissioned work expensive.  To improve quality, lead times and reduce costs we have invested money in both new premises and new equipment to 'productionise'  our Vintage horsebox trailers , this range will now be known as the 'Heritage Premium Trailer' and the first ten units are  currently in production , with the first 4 being for sale in April 2019.  These are the only *Brand New*  UK made Vintage Catering trailers being made today in the UK  , the rest will be inferior or flimsy  aluminium, Plastic or GRP laminates from europe or the cheaper ones being Chinese.  Due to the popularity of these trailers there are many refurbed units on the market from reputable builders, however, we believe ours are the best investment and long term value for money. Feel free to compare us!

Initially we started out doing refurbs and fitting hatches etc.... etc... however, it was soon apparent that old boxes are simply not worth the effort (if you do it properly)  ., bearing in mind animals have probably been living in this at some stage , the trailer would have to be stripped bare, chassis shot blasted and galvanised, and repainted  with new floor fitted, ditto with the panels, the running gear would have to be overhauled or better still replaced, lights replaced etc...... the cost is high, very high if done properly and not really viable for 20 or 30 year old box. Most trailers for sale have simply had a repaint and had electrics and a sink fitted., if done properly can look very nice and will offer long service , but they will not be cheap - until now there has been no other option than to buy the best you can find, well, now you can buy new!!!! 



a 25% deposit is required and the lead time is 4 to 8 weeks depending on manufacturing capacity at the time. 

Our factory and production processes

We have invested heavily in manufacturing plant and equipment to assist in the modern production of these trailers.

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Heritage Premium trailers



Our trailer construction has been analysed  and designed using modern CAD software to meet the strenuous requirements of a catering business that needs to be able to towable over sometimes less than perfect terrain in all weathers. The product is designed to last many years and is both a better manufactured and higher quality Trailer than its predecessors , parts are interchangeable and spares readily available. The designers and prototype engineer are members of the Institute of sheetmetal engineering (ISME) and designed test pieces for the Annually held sheetmetal  skills competition,  our other products Include the 'Minibox' Trailer and the 'Gilberto' wood fired outdoor ovens. 



Chassis.The trailer chassis is both welded and structural riveted in to preformed CNC manufactured pressed steel. They are supplied powder coated onto a pre galvanised steel frame, ensuring long lasting and maintenance free service. The floor is an aluminium treadplate which can be washed down and again will offer many years service. 

The panels are made from 'Tata Colourcoated steel' or  equal. This steel is coated with a zinc and aluminium alloy for long term weather resistance and finished with a UV stable external plastic coating to ensure a low maintenance and long life in a leathergrain textured finish.  The standard available colours are Olive Green, Moorland green, Wedgewood blue, Goosewing Grey. The roof ,chassis and ancillaries such as mudguards are powder coated in Ivory.  The colourcoated panels are guaranteed for 30 years against corrosion and maintenance is simply a warm soapy rinse. 

 Alternatively we can powder coat  to a ral colour of your choice, such as a burgundy and cream as is in the photos, however we would only offer the standard 2 year guarantee on Powder coated finish. 

Our horsebox trailers have been designed to meet DVSA standards and will as Standard have an Individual Vehicle Approval test certificate as well as accompanying plating and identification. 

The running gear is supplied by our supply partner indespension and Knott or equivalent Couplings and Braked suspension units are used along with the compatibility test data. 

Lights are plug and play type and certified for UK road use.  

The twin axle braked version is rated at 1500kg gross weight , the nett weight of the trailer is 700 kgs

The twin axle unbraked version is rated at 750kg gross weight , the nett weight of the trailer is 640 kgs

(The 750kg trailer is ideal for persons who have may have recent a licence and restricted to 750kg, and who may have  lightweight 

equipment i.e a Gin Bar etc.... )


We will offer a minimum of £1000 for your existing trailer or maybe even unwanted catering equipment?  For finance, We can put you in touch with our finance partner , oxford funding. 


Our 'Heritage Standard' (750kg or 1500kg) is  supplied constructed as stated above but also includes premier gas strut fitted hatches- one side hatch along the long side, one hatch along the front short side, one hatch at the rear, one drop down tail ramp at the rear, and a 125cm x 60 cm lockable jockey door at the front.  internally it has a front and rear counter 30cm deep in stainless steel, stainless steel wall cladding, electric handwash,twin sinks,  and pump, 32 amp consumer unit, 3 twin sockets -1 with USB ,warm led lights and a bright batten strip light, This , plus a electric test cert is included in the standard package. 


  • Food safety; Our new units , unlike second hand units have never had a living, breathing animal housed inside! There will be no danger of an EHO inspection showing signs of aged animal or food waste embedded in the floor , walls or anywhere else. 
  • Spares: Older units can have obsolete braking or running gear units meaning repairs can be ineffective or dangerous because of using mismatched parts. Ours are brandard and current , also we can even supply a replacement panel  or hatch panel from stock. 
  • Cost: A good used trailer may be up to 5k , a refurbished or remanufactured trailer will, most probably be in excess of 10 k -  which is less of a bargain when you consider ours are at a marginally higher cost for brand new! After all most rebuilds have merely been given a paint job and a new sink!